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What is a Closeboard Fence Installation?

A wooden Closeboard fence is formed from vertical feather edge boards, partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden arris rails. 4x4inch posts are most common and have slots called mortices for the horizontal arris rails. The posts can be timber or concrete. Close Board fences are traditionally used for boundary screening and are far more durable than other types of timber fence and generally speaking, is the most cost effective fence in the long term.

Close Board timber fences are an increasingly popular type of fence because of there superior strength, durability, privacy and security at a reasonable price. Closeboard fences are constructed piece by piece from the ground up and are extremely versatile in there appearance and functionality. 

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Rot Protection Sleeves for Fence Posts

We use Post Saver sleeves on all timber posts. Post savers minimise the contact of soil and water with the post and reduces the likely hood of failure and rot due to contamination.

post saver

Reasons for Choosing Closeboard Fence Installation

A close-board fence is the best option for most property or garden boundaries, we recommend it on most occasions. With this type of fence, we can build low fences from 2ft or go up to the UK limit of 6ft 6inchs without any risk of affecting the structural integrity of the fence and posts. The top of the fence can be fitted with a top rail, trellis or be left bare. This is totally dependant on your requirements, budget and use of your new fence.

When we estimate projects or provide a quotation, we will always offer impartial, free advice.

Close Board Fence Installation

Closeboard fencing can be used for both private or domestic houses and commercial properties. Popular for its long lasting durability,  privacy and strength. Closeboard fencing has been around for many years and is one of the most popular types of domestic and commercial fencing in the UK. 

This type of fencing is extremely versatile. It can be built at different heights and shapes including a convex or concave finish, capping or trellis can also be added to the fence to increase its appearance and total height.

Wood, timber and concrete are the most commonly used materials. Concrete posts if fitted correctly will last many years without any maintenance.


  • Versatile in size and shape
  • Perfect for property boundary due to its strength and design options
  • Ideal for slopped banks and gardens
  • Very durable even in high winds
  • Each fence bay can be up-to 10ft in length and 6ft 6 inches high which is the legal height of a domestic fence in the UK.
  • Width of bays can be reduced, on site to accommodate any length of garden
  •  Gates can be added to closeboard fences
  • Ideal for increasing privacy in your garden
  • Can be built in concrete, wood or timber.

Closeboard Fence FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Closeboard fences are quoted per bay. A standard bay is 10ft wide and 6ft high. However, due to the flexibility of this fence type, heights and widths of each bay can be easily adapted to suit our client’s needs.

With the drastic increase in the cost of timber. Currently, a 10ft wide, 6ft high standard closeboard fence starts from £300 per bay. This price includes all materials and labour. The only additional cost is the deconstruction and removal of waste which can include the old fence, soil, hardcore and any other waste materials. The cost of timber is increasing and these prices may be outdated when reading this.

Many types of closeboard and overlap fences are available. Types include:

  • Traditional Closebaord Fence
  • Convex Closeboard Fence
  • Concave Closebaord Fence
  • Feather Edge Fence 
  • Trellis Top Closebaord Fence
  • Lattice Top Closeboard Fence 
  • Hit and Miss Fence
  • Picket Fence

We use high-quality materials from trusted suppliers to ensure a long fence life which provides great value.  Our timber comes with a 10-year guarantee against rot. Cheap fencing materials are easily damaged during storms or high winds. It’s worth spending as much as your budget allows on quality, sturdy fence panels.

Fitting a gravel board is essential for a close board fence. Not only will it protect the fence against rot by reducing contact with soil, but it also provides a solid base for the feather edge boards to sit keeping the fence strong and align.

The standard width of a close board fence is 10ft (3M) However, this can be adjusted depending on the application and requirements of our clients.

We will access the damage and if the damage is due to a fault in the timber, E.g knots, rotten timber or something else. We will fix the damage for free if it’s within our guarantee period.

If your fence is outside of our guarantee, your fence was not built by Seahaven Fencing, the storm was excessive or something else. We can provide you with a free quote to rectify the problem.

No, all fence panels are pressure treated to ensue a long lasting, maintenance free fence.

Currently, the law states any fence over 6.5ft high, require planning permission. Any fence 6ft 6inchs or below this is fine.

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At Seahaven Fencing, we specialise in closeboard fence installation for private gardens, residential and commercial properties throughout the Seaford, Peacehaven and Newhaven area. We are professional, local fence and gate installers with a focus on service and quality of workmanship. We undertake repairs of all fence types, decking and posts as well as offer grass re-turfing and high-pressure washing. We use trusted, local suppliers to source the highest quality timber and materials and offer a 10-year guarantee on all timber against rot and insect damage.